Estimates, examinations, authentications

On the basis of its 40-year experience the Galleria Blu is able to:
determine or examine the value of national and international art works, in order to::  
            - give insurance cover
            - decide inheritance partitions 
            - decide sales
            - make property estimates
Get authentications from the world undisputed authority concerning a particular artist, if there are the  requested terms.

For info: Dott. Freddy Battino -


Galleria Blu can decide the selling of an art work after evaluating the opportunity of the business according to base elements as:

  • Prospects of value increase in the short- middle- long-term.

  • Choice of the best market in that particular moment   

Galleria Blu is also able to:

  • Make instalment sale and exchange

  • Protect your anonymity and discretion

More services

  • Insurance advice
    The right insurance formula for the exhibition of art works in public and private places 

  • Restoration advice
    About the restoration works to be done

  • Photo reportage
    Assistance for the photo reportages concerning the art works

  • Advice for customs carriage and export of art works
    Assistance for art works loans to boards, museums and private exhibitions