Alessandro Verdi - Corpo senza Corpo

18th November 2008 - 16th January 2009

opening: Monday 17th November 2008, 9pm.

For 50 years, Milan's Galleria Blu has been very interested and active in promoting great international artists, but it has always been very interested also in those artists who worked from the 1960s onwards, in a field that didn't receive enough attention from critics and the market (such as the three exhibitions of Vincenzo Ferrari, Claudio Costa and Guido Biasi's works). It now opens to Contemporary Art with this event of November 17th (opening at 9pm), a one-man exhibition of Alessandro Verdi, with 20 works - papers and canvas - made by this Bergamo artist in recent years.

Verdi is a special artist who mixes in his pictorial history both life experiences and psychological interpretations of life itself, and of its development compared to man, who keeps on being the main character of his painting. We understand then - given the subject he's been facing since the beginning of his career - the interest that Giovanni Testori had in him. He saw the copies of some of his works, went looking for him and found him in a garret in Bergamo where, all alone, he worked on his paintings. The exibition will be opening monday November 17th, 2008 at 9 pm till January 16th, 2009.

The works exhibited at Galleria Blu show his itinerary around the body. He tells its presence and absence, its matter and soul by using impressive, mysterious and obscure pictures which retain a mystery that can be solved only in the deepest human soul anyway:  "The body with no body - says Stefano Crespi, author of the catalogue - like in a visionary night, hallucination-body (red), ash-body, the body in the ghostly vanity, the body in a blue sky in the distance, the body in the  lost value of golden pieces. Obsession-body, a body with no end, with no truth, with no proof."  Bonito Oliva wrote about Alessandro Verdi: "In a medium, global surface, the body implodes within itself, forced to flow only through the mask of language." Biography
Alessandro Verdi was born in 1960 in Bergamo where he studied at the College of Fine Arts.
Giovanni Testori met him in 1985 and introduced him to his first one-man exhibition in 1987 at the Compagnia del Disegno, Milan. Among the many important moments of his career we must remember the 1998 exhibition in Dachau, Germany (with catalogue by Marco Vallora and Lieselotte Wacker), the anthological exhibition at Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso (1998), with a book by Marco Goldin published by Electa, the exhibition at the Fondazione Mudima (2001) with text by Philippe Daverio, and the exhibition of 2005 at Casa Cavalier Pellanda in Biasca (Switzerland). Also the exhibition in Anversa (Belgium) at Mudimadrie-Galerie Gianluca Ranzi, in 2007 (text by Achille Bonito Oliva).
In 2005 the Publishing House Le Lettere, Florence, founded by Federico Gentile, published Alessandro Verdi's book Nella pagina bianca. Scritture dal diario (In the White Page. Writing from my Diary) for the Atelier collection.

Catalogue available at the gallery with HD photos on demand.