Davide Nido - Coriandoli and Everything

3rd October - 22nd December 2006

opening: Monday 2nd October 2006, 9pm.

Galleria Blu of Milan calls your attention to contemporary art,  with the exhibition opening the 2006/2007 season and the celebrations for the first fifty years of activity of the gallery:  in fact, it was inaugurated on 27 April 1957, at the old seat of via Andegari 12, by Mario Sironi’s one-man exhibition. To be staged now, from Monday, 2 October (opening night at 9pm), is Davide Nido. This forty-year-old artist already has a nice and high-quality series of one-man exhibitions to his credit (since 1993), showing he has reached a maturity made of balance, sense of colour, mastery of the materials (his special glues) and of fine poetry.

It has been very important for the artist the first approach and then the appropriation of special many-coloured silicone glues as painting material. He doesn’t use a normal, traditional paint-brush to spread them but rather a particular device that makes the glues liquid and allows him to put them (as small drops or as layers) onto the traditional canvas. The results of his research are some ways of working which have become important elements of his own poetry: the circle as a basic element of the picture, the arrangement of the colours in plots, the modular construction, the endless repetition (the image shown on the canvas suggests –and is developed into - an endless virtual extension).

The personal meeting with artists such as Luciano Fabro and Aldo Mondino, and distance meetings with Festa, Fontana, Boetti, Pascali, Bonalumi and others, helped  Nido’s artistic growth. He soon defined a personal and original language which is evident in the exhibited works of the “coriandoli” (confetti) and “tutto” (everything) series eventually spreading over his whole production. Galleria Blu has had them exclusively since 2003. The memory of the mental “contact” with these artists sometimes appears in the titles, which remain very open anyway – appropriately for abstract works as Nido’s ones – so as to let the observer have full reading independence.