Bissier - Nicholson

28th September - 10th November 2004

opening: Monday 27th September 2004, 9pm.

Another concert with two voices at Galleria Blu, after the exhibition dedicated to Paul Klee and Giuseppe Santomaso. Now comparing two important foreign artists, the English Ben Nicholson (1894-1982) and the German Julius Bissier (1893-1965),  fundamental characters of the European art – not known in Italy yet,  and of course not receiving the due consideration they deserve - whose curriculum shows they excited great interest abroad (in America as well) which hasn’t disappeared after they passed away.They both spent a rich period of their life in Canton Ticino between the 1950s and the1960s, in the international melting pot of experience of Sopraceneri, especially in the area around Locarno and Ascona, between lake and hill (where Bissier died). Galleria Blu has proposed these artists since 1961. We remind, among others, the Bissier exhibition “KKBB (Klee, Kandinsky, Baumeister, Bissier) “ of 1962 and Nicholson’s “Out of the blu. Picasso, Nicholson e oltre” of 2002.
The unifying element in their way of working - though so different in the results-  is certainly the calm approach to the art work, a calmness based on a deep inner silence, the result of an intimate reflection (or meditation) upon things and upon themselves.
A silence mirrored on the works, absolute display of figures (more abstract-real for Nicholson, more figurative for Bissier) that live on the freshness of an invention trying -through marks and colours or through the real relief- to attack the space and to send light vibrations and elegant suggestions to it.
Twenty works were chosen for this “meeting”, ten by Bissier and ten by Nicholson.
Among Bissier’s paintings, some were the water colours already exhibited at Galleria Blu in 1961, others came from famous international galleries such as London’s Hanover Gallery or Lefebre Gallery in New York.  The most important was the work “29.III.59” already shown at the Museum of Modern Art of San Francisco at the artist’s one-man exhibition in 1968.
Nicholson’s works, instead, were painted during some thirty years, from 1952 to 1979: together with papers and canvas there are three important reliefs ("TI-TI" of 1960 exhibited in 1969 at his one-man exhibition at Beyeler Gallery, while "Malta" (1967), was shown in important anthological exhibitions, at the Tale Gallery of London in 1969, and at the Museum of the Arts of Mendrisio, 1993). Also very important is the work “Mousehole-Cornwall" of 1958, which makes us understand Nicholson’s involvement with figures and abstraction.
The exhibition at the Galleria Blu is going along with a small and precious catalogue of all the works shown, introduced by a text by Luigi Cavadini.

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