Morphologie Autre - Un omaggio a Michel Tapié (1909 - 1987)

10th February - 3rd April 2009

opening: Monday 9th February 2009, 9pm.

"Morphologie autre" is the title of an important book by Michel Tapié published in 1960 by Edizioni Pozzo, Turin. It becomes now the main subject of the exhibition that Galleria Blu will open from February 10th to April 3rd. The exhibition is dedicated to the great French critic on the 100th anniversary of his birth and it aims to show important examples of the works of those artists Tapié was mainly interested in, starting from the 1940s on. He often proposed them during his long and passionate Turin experience at the International Center of Aesthetic Research (ICAR) which was - as he himself used to say - a "Manifesto-Museum", that is a place where -as the two opposed words put near say- they developed new things and established a tradition of New at the same time (Anna Minola). That is why, besides exhibitions, they also organized contemporary music concerts, slides projections, meetings, events and book publishing, with Morphologie autre among them.

The adjective autre (other, different) which characterized the art Tapié was very interested in, was used for the first time in 1952 in the book "Art Autre - où il s'agit de nouveaux dévidages du Réel" in order to explain, in a clearer and more defined way, the meaning of that art which he had called informel the year before, on the presentation of two exhibitions at the Atelier Facchetti, Paris. They included works by Fautrier, Dubuffet and Riopelle.
 The word informal that so widely matched with the art that left all derivations from real world out was too much for Tapié. He concentrated his interests and his research on just this art autre, the art that -he said- "has nothing else to do with the value rules of Classicism"

 The exhibition at Galleria Blu collects many of Tapié's artists, starting with Fautrier and Dubuffet to whom he gave the right of primogeniture as for art autre , referring to two exhibitions of 1945 at Drouin gallery (one exhibited Otages and the other Le haute pâtes). Then there are also works by Appel, Bluhm, Bryen, Burri, Capogrossi, Domoto, Fontana, Sam Francis, Garelli, Hartung, Imai,  Nevelson, Riopelle, Schneider, Somaini, Tancredi, Tapies, Tobey, Vedova, Wols.

The exhibition is a tribute to one of the most intriguing figures of art critics of the late 20th century. It is also a meditation on the history of Galleria Blu that many times proposed these artists since the beginning of its activity. We should never forget that in 1959 already Tapié wrote his introduction for the exhibition our gallery dedicated to Franco Garelli. In 1961 he presented, with Argan, the exhibition of the Japanese artist Toshimitsu Imai.